Answer to Question #100075 in Algebra for Tanay

Answer to Question #100075 in Algebra for Tanay


Question #100075

In a meeting a government officer wanted to distribute certain number of apples equally
among the physically handicapped children. If the number of children was 2 less, each of
them would have got one apple more. Again when the ten officers present in the day are
also included, then each of them will get 3 apples less. Find the number of the
handicapped children and the number of apples

Expert’s answer

Let a – amount of apples, c – amount of children. Will compose a system of equations describing these two conditions. Will carry out the elementary transformations Will multiply the first equation by 5, equate the right sides of the equations and determine the . Will substitute in equation (1) and define the Answer: 20 children, 180 apples.

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