Answer to Question #102541 in Regional geography for SHUBHREET KAUR BRAR

Answer to Question #102541 in Regional geography for SHUBHREET KAUR BRAR

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Question #102541

define physiographic region. List the 7 physiographic regions described in the textbook and describe the basic physical geography of each

Expert’s answer

Physiographic region is a system of territorial division of the earth’s surface, based on the identification and study of a system of subordinate natural regions that have internal unity and unique individual features of nature. There may be following 7 physiographic regions:Appalachian (two divisions of the range, the Blue Ridge and the Valley and Ridge, are composed of narrow, rocky formations that distinguish the mountains from surrounding valleys)Atlantic Plain (there are no mountains in this region of North America. It is composed primarily of sedimentary rock and unlithified sediments and is primarily used for agriculture. )Canadian Shield (containing a variety of small lakes, thin layers of soil and rolling hills. Lakes are \the result of glacial erosion during the last ice age)Interior Plains (with shallow inland seas. Sediments from the shield and the Rocky Mountains were deposited in these seas over millions of years)Pacific Coast Ranges (with Pacific Ocean, as a natural western border, and the coastal mountain ranges forming the eastern border)Baja California Peninsula (with four desert areas, although it is surrounded by waters from three sides)Andean Mountain System (Longest mountain range in the world and the highest outside of Asia with volcanoes)Sources: Encyclopedia Britannica, The Canadian Encyclopedia, USA Today, Wikipedia.

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