Answer to Question #167363 in Other for saleemaslam

Answer to Question #167363 in Other for saleemaslam


Question #167363

Watch this video: the following questions:1) What distinguishes good politics from bad politics?2) What are your experiences with political behaviour?3) Should you become more political? Why or why not?Note: Your answer must not more than 300 words single-spaced in lengthand must include a minimum of 5 sources. 

Expert’s answer

There two type of politics: Good Politics and Bad Politics. In either case to play the game you must have a clear set of values as to right, wrong and what you are willing to do get your way. Second you must be willing to work as hard at the politics as you do your true job and finally, you must be willing to win by the sword or die by the sword: consequences.Let’s start with what most of us see everyday: Bad Politics.The sophistication of any politics is proportional to the size of the organization. There are politics in all organizations. Remember politics equals power. The bigger the company, the more complex the politics. Usually the most successful business politicians are the ones who spend most of their energy managing up, in other words, working their chain of command at the expense of being a true leader for their organization. They attend all the right meetings, take personal credit for other’s ideas and hoard information. This last point is key. Information is power and power is politics. He who has the knowledge has the power. Good politics do exist. So be careful not to confuse deft leadership with bad politics. The good politician also builds a strong network but does so at all levels of an organization. They spend time with first level employees as well as two levels up. The have a solid understanding of what makes their organization or job successful and can represent it clearly and accurately at any level.The good politician shares information and encourages other to do the same. Thus they build on their knowledge base often connecting the dots to see something others miss. They are visible to their network in appropriate ways. They attend meetings when they can add value and make themselves available and approachable throughout an organization.We all had some experience with political behavior. Even since our school time we always meet some hierarchy. And if you somehow try not to follow it the hierarchy, you probably will meet some issues with your authorities.But you always should remember that you have a live outside your job. You should behave political enough that you go along with your colleagues. Political behavior at work can affect you in your daily live, with your famaly and friends, so try to be yourself, after all.

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