Answer to Question #185106 in Law for Azraa Moses

Answer to Question #185106 in Law for Azraa Moses


Question #185106

9. According to … feminism, the subordination of women is located in the capitalist exploitation of their domestic role, together with a dominant ideology where women are perceived as the primary care-givers within a domestic setting. 1. liberal 2. black 3. socialist 4. Marxist 10. To master the environment and maintain warm relationships, refers to a … need.    1. biological 2. social 3. psychological 4. materialistic  11. The …. of a theory is the essence and essential arguments that create the framework of a theory. 1. key premise 2. background 3. evaluation 4. predictability 12. Moral reasoning, the mind-set of offenders, self-control and impulsiveness are components of … associated with crime. 1. environmental influences 2. biological factors  3. social learning aspects 4. social cognition 

Expert’s answer

9. Socialist .10. social.  11. Background  12. social cognition.  

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