Answer to Question #193434 in Law for Lesedi

Answer to Question #193434 in Law for Lesedi


Question #193434

Discuss the case and judgement in the case of Gumede v president of the republic of south Africa and others ( CCT 50/08 [ 2008] ZACC ,2009 (3) BCLR 243, While addressing the following. 1. The facts of the case. (6 marks)

Expert’s answer

Before I identify the issues to be resolved, it may be helpful to narrate the background facts. On 29 May 1968, Mrs Gumede and her husband entered into a customary marriage, the only marriage to which her husband was a party. Both Mr and Mrs Gumede reside permanently and are domiciled in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. Their marriage was of long duration. 

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