Answer to Question #33815 in American Law for Kristen

Answer to Question #33815 in American Law for Kristen

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Question #33815

I live in MS, which the emancipation age is 21. I am 20 yrs old, however, I have been on my own since I was 18. I work full time, my car is in MY name ONLY, No co- signers, No co-buyers, just ME. I am on MY OWN insurance whether it's car insurance or health insurance. I was in the emergency room at Forrest General Hospital, Now remember ALL of my information there is in MY name only. NO one is on my privacy act but me. I've been paying on my bill of $25 a month to them, I am set up on a payment plan. I get a phone call from Healthcare Revenue Recovery Program asking for my parent or guardian. They will not tell me anything. Not what it's regarding, when it was, just nothing. Legally, can they discuss that with my parents?

Expert’s answer

Dear visitor,Under the law of your state, they can not do anything without your consent. We would recommend you to act for legal adulthood, as you fit the profile for it.

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