Answer to Question #43367 in Management for Seth Morgan

Answer to Question #43367 in Management for Seth Morgan


Question #43367

Louis sold his farm during the current taxable year. At the date of the sale, the farm had an adjusted basis of $212,000 and was encumbered by a mortgage of $190,000. The buyer paid him $110,000 in cash, agreed to take the title subject to the $190,000 mortgage, and agreed to pay him $80,000 with interest at 9% one year from the date of sale. How much is Louis' recognized gain on the sale?

Expert’s answer

Total selling price means the amount of cash, the assumed note, and the installment note. Thus, selling price = 190,000+110,000+80,000 = 380,000.Realized gain is the amount of money actually earned in the sale of an asset. RealG = 380,000 – 212,000 = 168,000.Recognized gain is a profit earned from the sale of an asset.RecG = 168,000 * 300,000 / 380,000 = 132,632. The balance of the gain will be recognized when the amount of 80,000 is collected.

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