Answer to Question #51746 in Management for rini

Answer to Question #51746 in Management for rini


Question #51746

Elaborate the relationship between all the environmental factors with regards to international business.

Expert’s answer

Answer on Question #51746 – ManagementElaborate the relationship between all the environmental factors with regards tointernational business Industrial companies or manufacturing often work with different types of machines ,equipment and chemicals producers of other contaminants. To reduce the likelihoodof damage to the environment, federal and state regulations require thatcompanies consider certain natural environmental factors in their general plansof operations .Companies must meet certain standards that help reduce the adverse effects ofactivities on the environment . As a result, the natural environmental factorssuch as clean water and air, define the way businesses conduct their day-to-dayoperations. Climatechange is an insidious threat because the pace of change may be recognisableonly if considered on a decade-by-decade basis. The effect of climate changewill not fall equally on all nations and all businesses. Businesses that dependdirectly on a good supply of water e.g. agriculture, field sports will beadversely effected if climate change results in reduced rainfall. However theflow on affects of drought will eventually work their way through to allbusinesses in the effected community. The weatherdepends on climate and season, and a business ofagriculture especially depends onthese factors.Distance, in spite of due to communicationtechnology and transport, the world is called a global village, even then itstill remains a vital factor in trade and business. Distribution of population,resources and climate variation all bear on production cost, market and type ofproduce having impact on business.Thus, I consider that55% of influence on international business belongs to the natural environmentalfactors, 30% – to climate changes and 15% – to other environmental facts.

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