Answer to Question #56555 in Management for Tan

Answer to Question #56555 in Management for Tan


Question #56555

Identify and explain what is the :
(1) Foreign Direct Investment (Inward)
(2) Foreign Direct Investment (outward)

And what are the function of:
(1) International Enterprise Singapore (IES)
(2) Trade Development Board (TDB)

Please explain and think about this :
(1) If someone bring the business in , what we can offer them?
(FDI Inwards – TDB)
(2) If we are bring the Singapore company to overseas, what we can be help them ?
(FDI outward – IES)

Identify , Explain, Give some key points

Expert’s answer

Answer to the question #56555FDI (inward) would mean a foreign multinational company investing in one country which has a base in other country.FDI (outward) would mean a home based company investing in some other country with a view of expansion.The function of IES is to promote local company in overseas market with a view to increase international trade.The role of Trade Development Board is to promote Singapore goods and services to attract more and more traders in the country.If someone brings in business in the form of FDI (inward) then trade development board would need to help them with respect to R&D in the local market and also help them in getting accustomed to Singapore economy rules and regulations.If someone is expanding into other country then IES can help them with accommodating exchange rate risk and also provide them subsidies in terms of duties imposed on them.

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