Answer to Question #57285 in Marketing for Abdulaziz

Answer to Question #57285 in Marketing for Abdulaziz


Question #57285

You are required to synthesize literature works on influence of culture or subcultures on consumer behavior. Your assignment should have the following details:
• Introduction .
Overview of the topic chosen.
• Literature Review :
Although there is no definite format for a literature review section, a typical review generally includes the following discussions:
– The prevailing theories related to the study.
– Recent and current research studies relevant to the study.
– The gap between existing theories and research and the research under study.
– Implications of those theories and research findings and how they provide justifications to your study.
– Methodological issues related to the study.
You are required to review journal articles that are directly related to culture or subcultures on consumer behavior. All these articles preferably from peer-reviewed journals.
• Discussion on how the chosen topic will affect consumer behaviour in your country. • References

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