Answer to Question #99926 in General Chemistry for Donna

Answer to Question #99926 in General Chemistry for Donna

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Question #99926

Hello, I pour boiling water over pieces of aluminum foil and 5% (regular household) vinegar, to remove the tarnish from silver tableware. If I do this in a stainless steel sink, will it damage the sink, or, will it create a harmful chemical gas or acid or reaction? Normally I do this in a glass or ceramic bowl, however I need a larger container, therefore the sink. If not the stainless steel sink, can I pour the vinegar/foil/boiling water over silver objects in a plastic pail? Will it dissolve or harm the plastic? Or cause a harmful gas? And repeat, the same question–what if I also add baking soda to the vinegar/foil/boiling water mixture? Does this make it harmful, either to the steel sink or plastic pail, or creat harmful gases? Thank you!

Expert’s answer

Yes, you got it right. But be careful, ordinary glass can crack about adding hot solution.

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